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Dog pissed in my bass amp. I then tried to clean it with a cleaner with bleach in it.

I then remembered that piss and bleach are big fucking no nos. What the fuck do I do?

Playing by ear

i understand that’s probably stupid, but i just started out on playing bass guitar. i want to hear a song and play by ear, anyone got some tips what i should do/focus on to improve, besides just practicing it?

Edit: Thanks for the tips and the one’s coming :D

How did you find your 'voice' as a bassist?

Some like just locking in with the drummer and deviating from the main groove just a bit. Some like to go really nuts (seemingly --- but it sounds great!) with the number of notes they play within a measure. Some would play materialistically (2-3 notes per measure).

How would you describe your approach to laying down licks when recording or performing live? Do you just leave it to the 'boss' (musical director or producer) or do you like to be a bit of a rebel no matter what genre your playing?

The other day we got tired of not playing shows so we turned our living room into a stage :)
What do you think of Sting as a bassist?

I’ve recently been listening to a lot of songs by the Police. Besides his great vocals, I became intrigued by his baselines, which are, in my opinion, phenomenal. They are subtle yet soothing to listen to. His chord progression and choice of notes are also very solid. Most importantly, his baselines are very comprehensible.

I’m not an expert at bass, so what tier would his bass playing be?

Looking for pre-amp upgrades

So just prior to the whole world shutting down I bought a Ibanez SR305 from a local musicstore that was closing down shop and I love it to bits in terms of how it plays. And with everything flat on the EQ it sounds fantastic as well for the price it costed.

But things start to kinda go haywire when trying to use the onboard EQ it's quite harsh in the boosts and cuts it makes and there's no bypass on it either to engage in a passive mode.

So I was wondering if anybody had any experience with swapping out the basic Ibanez pre-amp for a third-party one, preferably one keeping the knob/switch layout the same. (Volume, Blend, Bass, Mid, Hi for pots and a single 3-way toggleswitch that's currently used to do coil splitting and a weird EQ-setting)

Fret buzz on G string when fretting E string?

So I'm breaking in my new G&L L-2000 and I've noticed a very weird problem - when fretting the 7th fret on both the E and G string, I get major fret buzz on the G string.

Any other string/fret combination does not produce this issue.

If I let off the fretting of the E string while the 7th fret note of the G string is ringing out, it stops.

If I fret the seventh fret of the E string while the 7th fret note of the G string is ringing out, it happens.

It's literally just the one fret, on the one string, and only when a different string is fretted on that same fret.

Any thoughts?

Bass pedal chain question

Adding to my effect chain, until now just ran straight through a sans amp and into the head. Played with other pedals in the past but nothing really stuck. I feel like the sansamp is a bit plastic sounding at times so I’ve switched to a darkglass alpha omicron for my drive/ fuzz needs. Also playing with an ehx knockout attack eq for a little tone shaping. My question is if anyone knows of any other pedals that have a similar effect as the presence part of the sansamp. I’m happier without in every other way but without that there’s just something missing.

Do you use your thumb for plucking?

I see a lot of tutorials on playing bass which say you're supposed to alternate between two fingers (and variations of that). But if I'm playing an octave, for example, I find it easier to play the root with my thumb and then the octave with my fingers.

I get that sometimes technique is subjective, but also sometimes it's wrong and will hold me back. Do you use your thumb for this? Or do you recommend I get used to using my fingers for it? Are there any disadvantages to using a thumb?

i'm new and i need your help

hello i'm new to bass this is my first time and i wanna buy this pack :

Fender Squier Affinity Series Precision BASS PJ PACK BK

here is an unboxing video and review about it : https://youtu.be/3imRQRcaEak

and this is pretty much what's available here and in our local store and what i can afford and i can't order from abroad or amazon(doesn't ship where i live)

so i wanna ask what do you guys think about it ? about the bass is it good, and also about the AMP fender rumble 15 that come with it ?

New Fender Rumble Stage 800 cutting out, then fading back in.

Hey folks, got a new amp and it seems to randomly cut out and then fade back in. Not sure what's causing it to do that, but it might be something with the power cable if some of the old talkbass discussions I've read are correct. Is this something to bring it to an amp tech over?

[Feedback] Caught in a Web Remote Cover Feedback Requested

Hey everyone, my buddy and I just shared our most recent remote cover and wanted to share with you all and get your feedback. We originally did the instrumental section as our first cover and almost a year later we took on the entire song. I had done this song as part of my thesis project so it was cool to once again revisit it a couple years later. Used my main Bongo 6 Honey Burst with a MXR compressor, Xotic xblender, Dod Gunslinger. Any feedback is much appreciated!

Caught in a Web Remote Cover

I am a relatively new bass player, and I want a new one. How do I choose ?

So, I started playing bass 4 or 5 months ago, and of course I'm only beginning and I'm not very good, but I am really enjoying my time and I find it very satisfying (when it sounds good). The thing is my bass is an used Harley Benton B-450 Black Progressive Series that I got at a really cheap price, and I find it quite frustrating because it doesn't feel very good, according to me but mostly to a friend of mine who is a bass teacher and played for 15+ years (And I tried one of his bass and it feels like an entirely different world). So I am looking for a new bass, something not too cheap but I don't think having a really expensive instrument would be a great idea (I'm still beginning ^^'), so something in the range of 400-600 euros (I'm in France) where I won't feel too limited for some time and that I can have fun on for a few years. The thing is appart for the design, I don't know what to look for which characteristics I have to be aware of. I am planning to go to a music store to try some basses but I could take some advices on how to choose an instrument !

Thanks for your help !

Will this cab work with this head?

I've never owned a separate head and cab before (only ever had combo's), so apologies if this is a stupid question.

I've just bought an Ampeg pf-500 head, that claims to be 300 Watts rms into 8 ohms.

The cab I'm looking to pair it with is the Ampeg SVT210AV, however this claims to want a head that's rated 200 Watts into 8ohms.

Is the head too much for the cab? Would I end up blowing the speakers/damaging the cab?


Any love for Exlixir strings?

I put these on about 4 months ago and fell in love immediately. They cost a bit more but was told they last 5x longer which ended up being absolutely true.

I replaced them with some Super slinkys (nickel rounds 45 to 105) and although there was an immediate improvement in tone, within 2 weeks the strings were dead. And they shred my fingers.

Elixirs are coated, they not only last way longer but are like silk on the hands. They mature nicely and have a great tone even after 3 months. Just don't see them mentioned on here ever

21 Fret Basses

Hello, i would like to ask if you could recommend me any 21 fret Bass that you have a good experience with.

Thanks for your answers

Sabbath’s guitar and bass lines

Am I the only one, for the most part that think BS had harder bass lines than the guitar counterparts? And I’m also curious on other bands that seem to have more complex bass lines than guitar riffs. Other than Primus lol.

I am an upright bassist, how hard would it be to pick up a "normal" bass, and how similar are they?

Intermediate upright bass player, I don't know anything about instruments other than orchestral and drums :)

Thank you

Ben Folds Five - Do It Anyway (Bass Transcription)
Do you use a Pre-Amp/DI for home recording?

Last year I bought my first USB interface (Focusrite Scarlett) for home recording and it works fine, as expected. Lots of times I use it just for practice with the direct monitor feature, as a headphone amp. For home recording I just use bass > Scarlett > laptop/DAW with plug-in effects, amps and cab sim.

Now more and more I see people use a Pre-Amp/DI for home recording, in their signal chain between the bass and their USB interface. I see a couple of second hand ones for sale, like an Eden World Tour DI for about 40 bucks, and I've read positive reviews.
Do you use one? What are the pro's and con's? Has your sound improved by using it? Is it better than a pre-amp and equalizer in your DAW?

Thanks for your input!

Looping Performance: Space Lofi Bass Solo. w/ Harley Benton Telecaster...


Hey guys :) I did a lofi kind of loop and played a bass solo over it :) Would love to hear your opinions!

Am I holding myself back by starting with flatwounds as a beginner to help reduce string noise?

I've been playing for a few months, and started with roundwounds. I was having a lot of trouble with the noise resulting from the fingers on my fretting hand sliding on the strings, so I decided to get some flatwounds, which has almost entirely solved that problem.

Is using flatwounds for this reason a crutch that will prevent me from learning proper clean playing technique and noise management? Or is this not as big of an issue as I am thinking it will be?

Trying new position

Relative noob here (10 months). I have been struggling with finding a comfortable posture/position that works for both standing and sitting. I have short arms, so I have been doing a lot of shifting the bass on my lap, but that doesn't really work for standing.

So, I started experimenting with holding the bass between my legs and almost upright. I can keep the same position standing and sitting this way and have no issue reaching anything above 12. My fretting hand is basically just resting/hanging down rather than being perched like a T-rex.

I know there is disdain for the "low slung" bases, but in my case I think its the way I want to go. Fingerings feel more natural and doesn't require as much wrist bending/contortions to reach "across" the fretboard.

[edit: I am talking bridge at crotch and 3rd fret at eye level low; not knee kicker low]

What Is The Best Ric O Sound Amp Combo?

I’m thinking of getting a splitter box to use the Rick o sound on my 4003. At the moment I use a fender rumble 40 bass amp. I have heard of people using a bass and guitar amp for the stereo output. I wasn’t sure what the best combo is? I would have thought using a guitar amp with a bass would ruin the amp but I might be wrong. I want to get a Chris squire tone and I know he used the stereo output. Any help is appreciated.

Pit and the Crooks Feedback Requested

Hey fellow bass players! My band just dropped our first single. This community has been such a big part of my journey as a bassist and I’d love to hear what y’all think.

Thanks !!