You have 5 minutes to hide a paperclip in your home. A detective has 24 hours to find it, If they don't, you get $10,000. Where are you going to hide the paperclip?
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I followed the local animal control/shelter of the town I used to live in on Facebook. I noticed this dog who as there for four months and getting close to being put down to make room. I won 20 on a scratcher. Adopted him for 10 and bought him a collar and leash and then kept him for a week while I found him a home suited for him. I named him Dude and he was a big dog and not suited to my little one bedroom apartment. Dude ended up going to live with a farmer as a companion for his granddaughter. Farmer sometimes sends me pictures of Dude and his granddaughter. He says Dude is the best dog he's ever had. I'm just glad I saved him from being put down.

As an aside I did something similar for another dog. I was visiting a friend and her gross neighbour's had three pitbulls- mom, dad, and 10 month puppy. All the dogs were more flea than dog, bony as hell, etc. I bought the puppy for 20 dollars with plans to keep her (I named her daisy, her former owners had called her alligator which didn't suit her imo). Unfortunately my little chiweenie did not like daisy which led to me looking for a new home for her. Daisy went to live with a very lovely woman who had a lonely Crocker spaniel. They had four acres of fenced pasture, the husband owned a landscaping business, etc. They adored Daisy and I'm facebook friends with the wife- another dog I dropped 20 bucks on to make sure they had a chance at being happy

Why do you think Telly stuck around against all odds for Oscar??
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This may get buried - either way I hope you see it. PM me your paypal email I'm gonna send you $50 to help you get there. There are more important things to concern yourself with now than money. I expect it'll cover your whole trip but I'm hoping it gives you some form of a cushion.

Edit: Proof it went is here: http://i.imgur.com/Bf92nVJ.png

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This game was the first game my autistic son ever played, he was 6 years old. It was so emotional for him and for me as well. He never really expressed emotions so to see this wide range of emotions wash over his face while he played in turn made me emotional. At the end he cried quietly while reflecting on what had happened during the game. I asked how he felt and he said he felt happy and sad at the same time. That was the first time he identified his emotions out loud to me and the day it finally clicked for him that people can feel two seemingly conflicting emotions at the same time. It was a beautiful and cathartic experience and it opened the door for him to start identifying and expressing emotions. It is absolutely amazing what video games can do for people. This game is the most beautiful piece of art; the visuals, soundtrack and gameplay are perfection.

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A Serbian film

Edit: woke up this morning to a fuck ton of awards, thank you all. Just check out my rainmeter posts ok?

How are you feeling right now?
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In the UK the waiters are attentive until the point that you want to pay the bill. Then they ignore you as best they can, hide, put on a disguise & leave the country.

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I know. It sneaks up on you. If I live as long as my father I will live another 6 years. If I live as long as my mother another 16 years. Here’s the thing. If I live to 85 and my husband to 90 that’s 20 summers, 20 Christmas, etc., but who’s to know if they will be “good” years. As you age the quantity and quality of life diminishes. Our expiration date is rushing, as we are rushing, to meet each other. It’s just what is going to happen. We are both quite healthy, knock wood, but the day will come when we simply will no longer be able to live as we do now. That will probably mean less mobility, so less of the kind of travelling we like, less an ability to care for our wonderful garden, less time with our precious granddaughter. Small incremental changes happen to an ageing body that are unavoidable and then one summer you can’t garden as easily, walk the dog, whatever. We’re incredibly grateful for the lives we had...but we’d like more please.

Tell your folks you love them all the time. I mean all the time, you’ll thank me later. Ask them about their lives. Specific questions: childhood dreams, first jobs, all the things you talk about with friends. I didn’t with my parents and there’s so much I wish I’d have known. But I didn’t ask enough questions.

I love Reddit for its young people and supportive, clever, funny minds. Sometimes eeew but mostly a nice affirming place that makes me hopeful for my granddaughters future. Well there’s some real shit on here too but I pass that by.

Hug your folks.

Edit: thanks for the awards. I don’t know what to do with them, if anything. I’ve never had this much interest in anything I’ve written and I’m trying to respond as best I can. But hey thanks for listening to an older woman talking the crazy talk about her guy.

What are underrated websites and what do you use them for?
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Because it adds a little danger to driving

What 'one weird trick' actually works?
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I literally cried and prayed for her. It hurts

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Some doctors are jerks.

But there is also a medical reason - when you run a ton of tests, you will find something, but it may be completely unrelated to the issue and expose you to more, potentially harmful procedures. Personal example: I was incredibly sick with what turned out to be a very rare autoimmune disease. During my many tests we found 8 different growths, all of which then had to be further tested, in 3 cases involving invasive procedures, and 1 requiring nuclear bone scan. All were benign and not the cause of my issue. I don't blame them for investigating but it was a lot of wild goose chases.

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Stardew valley. I can just farm for a month. Easy peasy.

u/sweatybeard 12.2K points · 2 years ago 🔗

But when I finally do, it'll be the years biggest shit so far

For five minutes you get transported 30 years into the future, you sit in front of a computer, what information to you look up?
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The murder of Junko Furuta.

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Give your mom back her phone.

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Damn yall both nerds

How would you feel about Reddit adding 3 NSFW filters to distinguish between porn, gore, and repetitive posts asking how you would feel about Reddit adding 2 NSFW filters to distinguish between porn and gore?
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Dear OP, if you wish to canvas for opinions of British people, the best time to post your thread is not 1am in the morning in the UK.

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Best advise here

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Using an alt. because my main can be linked back to me and I'm going to get very real.

I had a perfect pregnancy. I was super cautious, took my prenatal vitamin every day, never drank, walked away if someone was smoking near me, etc.

My child is severely special needs. She's autistic, but on the severe end with "global developmental delay" which is just a nice way of saying "mentally disabled." She is six but is now just learning to potty train. She is non-verbal but thankfully understands simple directions. She screams for hours off and on at a time every day and when she isn't screaming she is making noises. She doesn't interact like a normal child and treats other people more like inanimate objects rather than people- no affection, no emotion, no interaction aside from pulling me to the fridge to get her food or handing me her toy so I can fix something on it.

I don't feel like a mom, I feel like a caregiver. I get little joy in taking care of her and I am constantly worn down. I'm exhausted. This pandemic has destroyed what little sanity I had left as I can't even get a small break because there is no school.

This is going to sound absolutely terrible and this is why I'm using an alt. but raising her is not like raising a child. You raise a child to be a decent adult- you teach them manners, respect, education and kindness and you hope that as they grow up they will make friends, get good grades in school and go on to have a fulfilling life. This feels like I am raising a very high maintenance pet that will not evolve into anything more.

For me, I am just keeping her alive- I am keeping her fed, clothed, warm, safe and happy. It feels like I have been taking care of a baby for the past six years. She progresses very slowly and very little. I am hoping by the time she is in her twenties we can maybe have a simple one or two sentence conversation or maybe she can have the attention span to watch and understand a movie. I still talk to her and play with her but it's so discouraging after years of not getting anything back. I mainly just snuggle with her on the couch while she plays with her tablet, it's one of the few ways we really bond. She likes toys and simple games on her tablet, so I buy her lots of them to keep her busy and hope that they keep her content so she isn't screaming and hitting herself.

I see children much younger than her having full conversations with their parents and I get so jealous. I see them telling their parents they want burgers for lunch, or talking about a fun thing they want to do or whatever, and I can't even imagine how easy my life would be if she could just communicate simple things like that.

It's so tough. I take her to the playground and the other kids ask why she won't talk or play with them (pre-covid days), we go out to the grocery store and she has a full meltdown and we have to leave our cart behind. We go out to eat and she can't sit still and wants to get up and run around the restaurant so we have to leave. She's only getting bigger and taller and she's getting harder to manage.

She hits herself and others. Sometimes she smears her poop all over the wall. She slams her head into the wall and furniture when she's frustrated (which is often, like multiple times a day). She broke a window with her head a few weeks ago and I was scared shitless she was going to need stitches, but luckily she somehow came out unharmed aside from a bruised forehead. I don't know how I am going to handle her when she is a teen and as big as me. I don't like to think about it.

If I knew this was going to be my life, I would've never had her. When I was pregnant, my husband and I agreed that if we found out the fetus was going to have down syndrome or some other special needs we would abort. You cannot detect autism in the womb.

My husband and I have aged 20 years, we're overweight from stress eating, we're constantly on edge that she's going to give herself a concussion because she self harms and we cannot stop it every time, we're sleep deprived, no sex life, our brains are fried from all the screaming and constant noise. We argue and are short tempered with each other. We are empty shells of what we used to be. Imagine having a monkey on your back 24/7 that just screamed and hit you. It breaks a person.

We've been in weekly therapy for years and I probably break down at least once a month during a session.

I never ever thought we'd have a special needs kid. There's no family history, and like I said I took amazing care of myself while pregnant. She was planned, my husband and I waited until we were financially stable to have her, we did everything right. We wanted more children but now have decided not to have any more because it would be too much stress. I mourn what could have been. I wonder all the time how my life would be if she was a typical kid.

If you want to put yourself in the headspace of a parent who has a profoundly special needs child, watch the movie "Vivarium." It's about a couple who get stuck in this weird suburb that they cannot escape and are forced to raise this strange alien child-like being until they die of exhaustion. It's an odd, science fiction alien/monster type of movie that's meant to be pure fantasy but for me it was the realist movie I have ever watched.

But even after all of that, I still love her so much and won't put her in a care center or in foster care (I'd be worried sick that she was being neglected or abused). When she's an adult we're either going to turn our basement into a living space for her and hire an aid to help her or we'll put her in an adult special needs home and visit her frequently to make sure she is okay. I just hate that it has to be this way. None of us deserved this life.

If you see parents with special needs kids out at the store or mall or wherever, please just be patient and kind.

What's a small achievement you would like a pat on the back for?