How many blokes here have been on the receiving end of domestic violence and what's your story?

Every person deserves to have their story told and I feel that we as men don't have as much of a platform to tell our stories.

Men that were raised by single mothers, how did it affect you? How’s your relationship with your mother as an adult?

I find that the older I get the more I resent my mother for how she treated me as a kid. She wasn’t necessarily physically abusive (although she would occasionally spank me with a wooden spoon for bad grades etc..) she was mentally abusive and it really fucked me up. I’m in my early 30s and just barely finding success in life and dating after spending the last 10 years teaching myself how to be a man, how to interact with women, etc.. I just think about how she treated me when I was younger and can’t understand how someone could treat a child, especially they’re own child so cruelly.

A couple months ago she had a heart-attack scare and I visited her at the hospital. I felt almost nothing for her. It’s kind of fucked up.. I’m just curious to know how other men raised by single mothers life’s have turned out. How’s your relationship with your mom as an adult?

What's a guys equivalent to "drunk girls complimenting each other in the bathroom"
Men who have been in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, what are the differences between dating a man and a woman?
Men who got into better shape and improved their appearance in their 30s and above, what are thoughts on the phrase “looks fade”?

Is it true or do you think that people are still able to control what they can?

"College is the best four years of your life" is a popularly trumpeted notion. Was this the case for you? Why or why not?

(Asking as a soon to be college graduate)

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Men between 16 and 30 years of age, how do you deal with lack of confidence?

Hi. I feel like that I'm not confident enough in certain moments and would like to change that. So, what's your method to stay confident?

I might propose - what’s a ring alternative ?

So over lockdown my so has been a total rock and now I want to pin this down - so proposal is on the cards...Gay marriage has just come legal in Ireland :) - he has no idea - he won’t wear a ring so I’m thinking of getting him a Rolex - but they start at 5,000 plus Euros 🤮 which I have but most of my savings - is this a good idea?

Update this watch maybe


If you have/ had a close female friend you're not romantically into but care about immensely, how do you go about showing her that you very much appreciate her presence in your life?

Imagine a female friend who will always do her best to be there for you/ help you when you need it and you find yourself able to trust this person and they're in your life a lot. How do you let this person know that she is loved, platonically?

What are some things you say around male company that you would not say around female company?
When was the first time you realized people were mean for no reason/ world wasn't kind?
How do men like to be spoiled, as in truly feel loved and lucky spoiled that they never express but really want?
Men of Reddit, how long do you wait before asking a girl out?

And when do you know it's the right time? I'm curious :)

What do you think about being 'the driver' in the relationship?

Kind of a lame question, but I wanna know what some of you think. I (F) like driving sometimes when it's late at night and I can just relax and listen to music, but I really enjoy when my man drives if we're going somewhere together, especially on the longer drives. I don't have a problem being the driver, but it's nice if he does it. I trust him more than I do myself when it comes to cars. Do you prefer being the driver? I asked my guy and gal friends and the guys say they prefer driving while women say they like them driving as well.

What is one thing you wish you had as a child but never did?
Men of Reddit, does your current partner have any resemblance to your first crush? If so, what is it?
Adult men, how is your relationship with your still-living mom?
Men, how do you build up your support system

I only speak to my therapist once every 3 weeks. My parents were raised in third world countries, so it would be hard for them to understand. I don't have many friends. I feel like my sister would understand me, but she's currently busy, pregnant, and I never really had deep talks with her. Who is your support system and how did you build them?

What was the moment you realized you cared about a girl as more than a friend?

Men of Reddit, has there been specific moment, with a girl, that changed the way you thought about her and wanted something more?

How do you get guy friends?

I'm also a guy[20] but all the friends throughout my life that I'm close with are mostly girls. I don't know, sometimes I feel like out of place when they talk about girl stuff.

When I talk to other guys, I just don't connect with them immediately. I want to experience some bro time, no homo.

Not including your loved ones, who’s a woman you admire and why?
Guys what’s your opinion on holding a girls hand?

I ask this because I absolutely LOVE when my guy friends or guys I’ve liked have been unafraid to hold my hand, although its only happened a few times.

Do y’all like hand holding just as much, does it make you nervous or do have another opinion about holding a girls hand?

What’s it like dating a best friend?
Do you carry a means of self-defense? If so, what kind?