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We seem to lack a large amount of trip reports! Which is a little strange, other subreddits relating to LSD seem to have the same occurrence. Next time you trip... drop a report over on r/Acid!

just took two tabs and this is my view, everyone have a great day❀️ πŸ¦‘ 300 UGs 🐳 https://www.reddit.com/gallery/n712z4
art inspired by the colors of my last trip (i'm not an artist!) 🎨 ART πŸ–
I think there’s something wrong with my acid πŸ›« Life Changing Trip πŸ›¬
Dropping 35 tabs

Dropping 35 tabs of 100ug blotter tonight. No changing my mind. Any advice??

Boys I I am so sorry for all the concerns πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I really meant to write 3.5. somehow I fucked it up in the text and title. My bad guys. I have plenty experience with psychedelics. Already dropped the 3 and a half. I'll tell you guys my thoughts tomorrow.

Once again very very for concerning some of you. This was a mistake β˜ οΈβ˜ οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I feel as if I’m living in someone else’s body, I took 5 tabs & this is my view, come join me?
Solo trips any good? ❕ Question ❔

Hey team.

So I’ve tripped a decent amount but only ever with groups of friends. Im curious to see how it would be to trip alone but I’m a little anxious about it.

Any recommendations on environment/ settings for having a good time solo?

Movies to watch while tripping?

So im having a solo trip tonight and am looking for something to watch, ive seen most of the essentials of tripling for movies. Last time around was avatar and that really was beautiful. Tbh I'm more leaning towards horror! Have all the streaming channels so hit me with your best suggestions!

Trippping πŸ›« Life Changing Trip πŸ›¬

Having the best time jumping on a trampoline 10/10 recommended. First time actually using acid and I mixed it with some molllly.

Will 100 Ugs really make me trip hard? πŸŽ‰ First Trip πŸ₯‡

This guy wants to hang out with me tonight but I really wanna take this acid. If I take it and hang out with him will I be full on tripping?

One week since I took 100ug

Last Saturday night I took 100ug. It was my first lsd trip in several years. I had an awesome experience and I worked through some things in my mind I needed to work through. I have taken up to 300ug previously and felt that 100ug was a nice dose to be able to still function and socialize, but I feel like it might have been a tad underwhelming. I kinda wanna take 200ug tomorrow night but I’m not sure about tolerance. Should I be good or do y’all think I should save it for another time?

Lol I found some text messages to my friend from my first time tripping on half a tab πŸŽ‰ First Trip πŸ₯‡
Tripping tonight! Should I candy flip or nah? I’ve done both, just separately. Also, trip report ?
First time taking acid soon πŸŽ‰ First Trip πŸ₯‡

So me and a buddy are taking some acid, I’m bringing weed brownies and he got a tab for us both, I hear THC makes acid wayyy stronger, if so than boy I’m excited. Any advice?

Best dose without a full trip ❕ Question ❔

Recently I've been trying to figure out what dose would get me into a good space with the classic stimulation and thinking patterns, but without all the anxiety and confusion that comes with a full trip. The lowest I've tried is 110-120ug and that was too much for what I was looking for. What would anyone recommend for doing activities and thinking without having to work with a full-on trip?

Joint Psychedelic Experiences

Does anybody have a particularly memorable trip where you and another person experienced all the same visuals and could interact with them together? Me and a friend have been taking acid and we explore the experience together and we can synch up our visuals and it is some of the coolest shit I've ever seen.

Doing 700 ug tonight πŸ™Š 700 UGs πŸ’

I'm crossing into another realm tonight, never done this much, but I am VERY excited 😁. I'll drop a trip report on the comedown, but for now anyone got suggestions on what to do?

Acid Question ❕ Question ❔

Might be a stupid question and IK weed boost tripping by a lot when u smoke while tripping, but if i’m high BEFORE taking tabs will it still have the same effect or should i wait to smoke until the tripping starts

is 200 ug a lot for a first time? ❕ Question ❔
Blue and orange pyramids groovy 🎨 ART πŸ– https://www.reddit.com/gallery/n6k6l2
Good conversation topics while on acid? ❕ Question ❔

I know this sounds dumb lol but I'm making like my own version of the game Skin Deep (Google it) for my boyfriend for our anniversary, but I want to play while we're tripping. So I have to come up with questions that would end up being a good time to talk about while we're tripping. Let's hear your suggestions, please!

Codeine and lsd? ❕ Question ❔

I couldn’t really find much online besides some people taking ibuprofen for the muscle aches from acid and one dude who mixed codeine with acid but didn’t say how much but he said it got number down by it. I was thinking of only taking 10-20mg of codeine with a ibuprofen probably a good hour or two before I dropped the acid. Anyone know if a dose this small will over power the lsd, I’ll be doing 2-3 tabs of 150 ug

Another great day.
Sexy music while tripping

I think there is prob different music that fits different part of the trip if you are having sex with someone. Maybe the peak is some EDM and later in your trip cave something more lounge like. I wasn’t able to find a good list of songs or albums to play when it’s time to get frisky. So Wacha got.

Recent one for me was Desert Dwellers: luminous axiom

sheet art 🎨 ART πŸ–

anyone know where to get a blank sheet to do sheet art/tab art on? tryna make some and wondering what materials are needed

Amazing music suggestions? 😊❣ 🦧 200 UGs πŸ¦“

I usually listen to a lot of 60s/70s rock & psychedelic stuff but open to new genres!

Thank youuuu❀❀