What are these two white stripes on the stained glass window?
Upgrading KWA Ronin 10 PDW

Hey guys! I have a couple questions about upgrading my Ronin 10 PDW. I have had it for a couple years now, using it off and on (I mainly played with my HPA VSR-10 build), but now I have switched to using my Ronin as a main and I want to fully maximize its performance.

It already has a Maple Leaf Crazy Jet, Maple Leaf bucking, and 11.1V battery.

  1. I was looking at replacing all the compression parts with Lonex (Cylinder+head, piston+head, nozzle, spring guide). Are those all drop in ready? Or are some of those parts proprietary to KWA? (I know it’s got the quick change spring)

  2. I also wanted to put in a Gate Titan mosfet. The Ronin 10 PDW has the “old” style 2.5 gearbox and I’m not sure if it’s even possible to put in a Titan because of the electro/mechanical magazine cutoff feature. (Which I don’t know/understand how it works)

I haven’t done any gearbox work or even opened up an AEG, but my buddy is a tech and he’s got experience dremeling to make stuff fit if that’s all it takes.

  1. Should I also upgrade the motor and/gears?

  2. What are your thoughts/ideas?

She’s my OC but Not my MC- Rista, a witch who Mammon is indebted to also best friend of my MC Yusei Originals (MC)
i don’t know what to do rn

i don’t know what’s going on. nothing around me feels real. objects that i know for a fact are right in front of me don’t feel like they are real. my surroundings are so fucking disconnected to me. my head it pounding and my heart feels like it’s going to burst. my hands are shaking. i’m hyper aware of every negative sensation on my body. i’m just trying to make ducking toast and the whole world feels like an unreal static.

ITAP of a stone monument.
While we may continue to make our kids memorize "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", they may never get the chance to actually see a twinkling star.
Mon Mar 8 10:57:49 2021
Pourquoi ?
People whose lives got drastically better these past couple of months, what’s your story?
One of the biggest mistakes of San Andreas is how Ryder was written GTA: San Andreas

After finishing the game recently for like the first time in 5 years, I was kind of taken aback by how Ryder was written. I understand his voice actor MC Eiht had some dispute with Rockstar over payment so Ryder was reduced to a backstabber with no lines (except two highly suspicious lines in the mission he’s killed in, Pier 69). Originally, Ryder wasn’t supposed to be a traitor, and there’s two ways they could’ve fixed his arc.

1 - Make Ryder die defending CJ and Sweet in “Green Sabre”. The ending cutscene is already clunky as is; it seems like somethings missing and that would fit perfectly.

2 - Change Ryder’s character entirely to make betrayal work. Throughout GTA SA, Ryder is seen as a rebellious narcissist, yet he cares for Grove Street and is best friends with CJ, even though he grows weary of CJ when he returns from Liberty city. Ryder would never betray Grove Street, and why would he, he poured hours upon hours of work getting weapons for the gang. His encounters with Tenpenny and Pulaski are especially jarring. Unlike the officers encounters with Big Smoke which seem to be quick, Ryder seems genuine in his hatred towards the two, which makes his complicity towards betrayal even more unbelievable. Not to mention the fact that Ryder seems to be especially close with the Ballas even though he murdered dozens upon dozens of them beforehand, notably in “Drive-Thru”, where Big Smoke doesn’t shoot any Ballas (oooh foreshadowing, Smokes betrayal is great though).

It’s sad that Ryder was written the way that he did, and in the end his best friend killing him had no impact on the story or the player.

Don't get your efforts wasted 💪🏿🦁
Now i CLEARLY UNDERSTAND why the game is to be sold... Not told. ✓
Why is the sun getting closer
How to easily add Mods / Hacks to any Valheim server with Vortex Nexus Mods video
Natalie Portman (Thor)
Haruka Nanase (Free!) papercraft by Antyyy
[Thank You] Qu’est-ce que la tartiflette? Thank You

Merci beaucoup u/LP-1 for the surprise cards x2 that arrived last week! They were such a lovely surprise. You’re really testing my reading skills but I really appreciate the time you put into my French journey and I’m enjoying the challenge!

I could google to find out, mais qu’est-ce que la tartiflette?

Well i need help. Today just now i turned on my xbox and it suddenly turned off at the first try with a shutdown chime. At my second try it turned on. Is it a warning for a problem? Pls I love my xbox series x Help thread https://www.reddit.com/gallery/m0cizf
Sampaloc Down - Sungay Up https://www.reddit.com/gallery/m0cizc
32 [M4F] Northern Indiana 4:45 AM M4F

Been quite awhile since I've posted.... well anything lol. But i feel like some new conversation is in order. I listen to music like is my job (averaged 10 hours a day on Spotify alone last year). I quote (or paraphrase (lyrics are hard sometimes)) songs in everyday conversation. As you can probably tell, music is kind of my life. I'm always listening to something and finding new artists. I really like movies. Ones that make you think, distort your perception, laugh, cry, learn from, sing like Hugh Jackman, dance like Swayze, wish you could run off to England, become a wizard, and everything in between! I go to a lot of concerts when its not covid season. I play guitar, love looking at the night sky, camping, yoga, marvel, boardgames, being in nature, yoga, barefoot is my favorite what to be. I listen to audio books because I dont have the time to read, Podcasts on occasion and I sometimes care about the Oxford Comma (but not there). Ponder the questions of the universe from time to time such as, could the big bang have occurred out of the opposite side of another dimensions supermasive black hole? Im sarcastic, witty at times, open to anything, non judgmental, and just try to be the best person I can be day after day.

Also here's me: http://imgur.com/a/B5QVqEM

Mon Mar 8 10:57:47 2021
Made by mavic air in Italien Photo / Video https://www.reddit.com/gallery/m0ciz9
Pensez-vous que l’offre proposée par BPCE pr l’OPA sur NATIXIS (KN) sera relevée? Discussion

Pas de relèvement de l’offre. OPA à 4€

Relèvement de l’offre.

Annulation de l’OPA

Batla House Encounter: Terrorist Ariz Khan Found Guilty Of Killing Super Cop Mohan Chand Sharma #News📰
Whats the probability for a complete edition? Help/Question

I've had my eyes set on this game ever since it was revealed. I played the beta and had a good time in the offline mode, but as soon as I went online the fun kinda stopped lol.

I couldn't grasp the idea of the "walking back" button being the block button at the same time.

I wasn't that into fighting games back then and I didn't want to spend 60$ on a game that I knew wouldn't get into.

Fast forward to now and I picked up some cheap fighting games and have been learning the basics the past few weeks.

The question now is if there will be something like a "complete edition" in the near future. The so called "ultimate edition" is the base game with the season 1 dlc and some extra dlc that doesn't change much. The "fighterz edition" is basically the same without the unnecessary stuff.

I'm short on money right now, so I don't want to spend money on the "fighterZ" edition and the other season passes if by chance something like a complete edition comes out next month for example.

TD;LR; You guys think that there is going to be a complete edition coming out soon?

[Landlord MA] Adding roommate to my primary residence..what could go wrong? Landlord

Hey, I have a couple rentals and a primary residence. I'd like to add a roommate to my primary residence for some extra cash.

In the case things go south, wondering how I can protect myself. I have some expensive things I don't want stolen and wondering how eviction would go if it got to that point. Also any ideas on screening?