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🔥 Tree adapts to urban environment by mimicking a cellular transmission tower 🔥
xQc in denial about burning bridges with close friends xQc
These are called Witches Cupboards. Apparently, witches can't take out any cups to make tea, so they won't bother entering your home. They're found in all New England homes.
CA is opening stadiums and theme parks on April 1st. WA state is... paused without data sharing until further notice. Politics


CA is now leagues ahead of reopening while Jay Inslee stares into the headlights of the future with dead eyes and calls it "leadership". The level of communication that constituents are currently receiving is unacceptable.

I don’t care if an idol bullied someone in middle school controversy




After 8 years of having a dash cam, I finally have something worthy to upload. It's almost as if she was waiting for me so she can ram into me.
When brainwashed culturally ignorant dOg LoVeRs first find r/DogDiet
xQc projects onto LSF xQc
Don’t let the hivemind control you. This stuff is the reason people hate Reddit
Goonswarm isn't trapped in delve with Papi, Papi is trapped in delve with Goonswarm. Propaganda
Absolute travesty
ΜέΡΑ25: Να μας ενημερώσει ο κ. Μητσοτάκης αν ισχύει ακόμα το Σύνταγμα πολιτική/politics
Call fore every time... Warning: Blood
Marvel Movies aren’t very good

They cater mostly to the man child market. Those adults who probably suffer from some kind of attention deficit disorder, and dislike a film with any ounce of genuinely interesting content that isn’t reliant on CGI or plots not involving Lycra clad superheroes battling other Lycra clad villains in a variety of preposterous situations. I don’t get it.

Double standard on Tinder. I'm a 5'6'' guy...so I swiped right on this girl. She had apparently swiped me right before, so we matched. This was our conversation. Can you imagine writing "Heavier than 140, swipe left"?
The Year is 2052... Flaired Users Only
The Year is 2052. Conservatives Only
Ok guys I think we get it, houses are expensive.

It’s been like 5-6 posts about Ottawa real estate today lol I think we got the concept figured out.

Edit: Don’t get me wrong , it is insane and yeah I’ve posted about real estate before ... it’s just redundant if the first post on the page is about insane real estate, why post another one ?

Also little piece of advice, if you’re in the market to buy a home, you’re not helping your mental health by reading hopeless real estate posts on here non stop. IMO you know it’s insane, accept it for now and keep trucking :)

Le Q dans LGBTQ est pour Québécois.

WandaVision confirmed my worst fears in regards to the MCU's approach to the Multiverse 'WandaVision' Spoilers

I've always thought that bringing back actors from the Fox/Raimi movies would be little more than a cheap gimmick, and WandaVision's inclusion of Evan Peters' Quicksilver proved me right.

As it turned out, there was no in-universe explanation of why he looked like Fox QS, it was all just for an inconsequential meta gag, exactly what I hoped the "Multiverse" stuff wouldn't devolve into.

Don't get me wrong, on the one hand I'm relieved that he really wasn't Fox QS because I want the MCU to start from scratch with its own version of the X-Men, but on the other, we were robbed of what could've been a legit emotional reunion of Wanda and Aaron Taylor-Johnson's QS, and for what? For a cheap gag? Not a fan of that.

A person who becomes rich by selling sperm is a cum-millionaire
Wealth Management Discussion

Can we all take a break from the $GME circlejerk and be pragmatic for a moment? I've seen some grade A mental retardation this week--really great stuff all and glad to see y'all brought your helmets and floaties just in case--but I'm worried about y'all. The level of retardation has seen a short squeeze itself and someone needs to bring y'all back to earth. I'm offering friendly advice (not legal or financial advice) because I see the train wreck this is about to be and I feel compelled to say something out of the goodness of my heart. That being said, the schadenfreude of seeing you all lose the biggest payday of your lives is going to be spectacular. So either way, I'm good with this.

Seriously, one or more of you is likely to do something drastic when this doesn't go your way immediately and I feel uneasy about that.

This post will be about two things: 1) getting your tendies and 2) keeping your tendies when you get them.

Getting your Tendies

Don't succumb to pressure. Set your sell price(s) and stick to it. Don't get greedy. Come up with a trading plan and figure out what you want to do. Sell all at once? Great. Trickle up? Great. Sell on the downswing? You do you. Don't sell because this is about the message and not the money? My man/woman, you're a better person than me. Just don't blindly follow others. Be informed and educated about your options.

I've seen $100K, $500K, $1 million, and $30 million+ quoted as potential sell prices. God speed all. I sincerely hope it gets that high (both for my calls--which are apparently now the devil--and my shares). Everyone has been quoting really appealing prices as if someone on the other end has to buy them because of laws, or some shit like that.

Prepare to be catastrophically disappointed.

Trading platforms/institutions, Hedge Funds, Prime Brokers, Market Makers, Clearinghouses, their insurance companies, and whomever else sits in the line of payouts aren't going to give up shit without a fight at that price point. You've already seen that chicanery: they (some component of them, certainly) completely halted retail trading--a literally completely unprecedented move with very questionable legality--in order to save themselves. Do you think that they're just going to roll over and pay $100K/share without a fight? If this goes over $100K/share, lots of folks are going bankrupt and that may hold up your payout, depending on what you're holding, who's trading, and who's on the hook for what. Other folks who have the money and may be on the hook will spend a lot less trying to get out of it.

They have well-paid attorneys on retainer. They own politicians. They probably own the SEC through regulatory capture. All of that shit costs less than paying out $100K/share. They're going to do everything they can to stop you from getting your money as long as it's less than paying $100K/share. That's just good business. So assuming retail holds 30 million shares (based on the wonderful DD to date about ownership %ages), any expenditure under $3 trillion is worth it for them. Given how high that number is and how literally any other dilatory action is lower priced for them by an order of magnitude ($3 trillion would put every major law firm completely and solely on retainer for them for years), they probably already started mobilizing on the precipice of infinite pain for them. This is going to be a literal fight to $100K and the deck isn't only stacked against you, they'll literally toss the deck out the window and flip you double birds while shitting on your face. This is a years' or decades' long fight. Buckle in!

Start thinking about your legal strategy. You--and we collectively--can't afford $2.999 trillion. They can. Attorneys can't reach out to you, but they can announce that they're starting a class action suit...where they keep 33%+ of the damages and you get a paltry payout. Seriously, pennies on the dollar. Think about what you're going to do when you need to take legal action and who you're going to go to. If you can afford to put an attorney on retainer, think about doing that. What's retainer? Google it, you smooth-brained mongoloid, I don't have the patience or energy to tell you. If you can't then maybe someone will represent you if they think you can get money? Probably unlikely, but not completely impossible. It's definitely not going to happen before you're goose lays its eggs. Honestly, you might be shit outa luck. Pennies on the dollar is better than nothing. Start thinking strategically anyway and what you might do to win hearts and minds to get your ca$h.

Keeping your Tendies

You got your money. Excelsior! You're in teh 1%. Congrats.

When someone wins the lottery, how often do you think end up back in the poor house? 70% end up back where they started in 5 years or less. Let me rephrase that: 7/10 of you are going to fuck this up. Google it, you absolute mongoloids.

"But Chechen," you bellow, "I know my shit. I invested in $GME and I have a plan for the future. I'm going to..."

No you don't. You're not a genius trader. If you were, you wouldn't be here. You're likely someone who generally doesn't handle money well. That's fine. Neither do I. We're apes, not financiers. We lucked into this apeish bullshit--because it was trending, because of aforementioned chicanery, what the fuck ever--and you're going to luck out of it just as quickly, if not quicker!

So what do you do?

There are these people called "money managers." They manage your money, oddly enough. They're like the designated drivers of the financial world. Real heroes, but you'll think they're buzzkills. Your bank has them. Other banks have them. They work for accounting firms. They work for themselves! Some HFs have them. But HFs are shit so don't go that route? I don't know, maybe you want to! Good for you. I don't give a shit. Just get someone who will help you manage your money and isn't solo.

Here's how it works:

  • You say you want to YOLO on deep OTM SPY puts in the midst of the greatest bull market ever when $1.9 Trillion is being pumped into the economy as it opens? They call you a dumbass and strongly encourage you not to do it. Maybe you listen. Maybe you don't and post loss porn to /r/wallstreetbets. I love it.
  • They tell you to invest in $GE and you'll tell them that it's a dying microwave business. They don't do it because you told them not to. $GE moons and they call you a dumbass. You're a real dumbass because you YOLOed into OTM SPY puts.

It's a give and take where you're mostly the dumbass, but it gives you someone to bounce ideas off of. Someone who doesn't give a shit about you personally but has a fiduciary duty towards you. That's really important. They have to care about you professionally by law. So they have great incentive not to put up with your bullshit, but to do what's in your best financial interest.

That's also why you don't go with a lone wolf. They can fuck your shit up and declare bankruptcy when shit hits the fan--just like the HFs--and not pay for their bullshit because there's no money. See a pattern? No? The HFs are going to do this exact same shit and have the exact same obligations towards folks.

What a mind fuck, everyone who handles money just seems to suck.

That's why you also put a reputable attorney on retainer to help you. Honestly, go Big Firm if you have $5 million+. It's expensive ($20K-$100K depending on services offered/desired) but worth it. If you don't know what "Big Firm" is, google it.

Long and short of this post? Agree with me, don't agree with me, I don't care. This isn't FUD--fuck anyone who claims it is and come fight me bro--it's just a reality check. One or more of you are going to do something very drastic and that makes me very uneasy. Just think rationally about how you're going to protect your investments, obtain your tendies, and come up with a plan.

Or don't! And if you don't, please post your loss porn on /r/wallstreetbets or here. Please. It's literally the only way I can climax anymore, so I need you to do it.

'Čuli smo kako ubijaju, siluju i pale, a partizanski avioni pucali su po nama . svjedočanstva preživjelih svjedoka Bleiburga. Dokumentarni film ''Križni put – zločin bez kazne'' cjelovita je priča o najvećoj tragediji hrvatskoga naroda u njegovoj novijoj povijesti. Vijest | News
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